Services in El Corte Inglés Sanchinarro

  • BaRRa de Pintxos:

    BaRRa de Pintxos es un concepto de restauración que nace en 2010 con una visión muy clara: sofisticar la cultura y tradición que hay detrás de los pintxos y el tapeo, mezclando...

    More information Location: P6
  • Baby Expert:

    Descubre nuestro servicio de asesoramiento personalizado para todas las etapas de crecimiento tu bebé. Con los mejores productos, marcas y servicios que te ofrece El Corte Inglés. Nuestros...

    More information Location: P4
  • Back to school Uniformity Schools:

    Summer flies by, and that means that once the holidays are over, it's time to organise everything for back to school. Don't leave everything to the last minute and prepare all the material the...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P4
  • Bathroom Design by appointment:

    We help you in the purchasing process of your new bathroom. From the beginning of the project, which includes the design of the space, the choice of bathroom furniture, sinks, bathtubs, showers and accessories,...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P5
  • Bicycle repair shop:

    The bicycle you need for all activities and including all types of accessories. You can also use our repair shop to assemble bicycles and attach accessories

    More information Location: P3
  • BriCor Projects:

    The BriCor El Corte Inglés DIY, decoration, painting, hardware, bathrooms, kitchen and garden space now offers the possibility of helping you with different projects in your home. You will be able...

    More information Cita Previa Location: PB
  • Cafeteria:

    What better place than our Cafeteria to stop off while you shop and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon snack. Its famous pancakes or the new hamburgers... at the El Corte Inglés Cafeteria...

    More information Location: P6
  • Cafeteria: Rodilla

    Rodilla has been offering genuine quality in its sandwiches for more than 60 years as well as a varied range of products (salads, coffees, pastries, etc.). A cafeteria that has maintained leadership...

    More information Location: PB
  • Car products shop: Motortown

    Discover the best prices on tyres, batteries, spare parts and car accessories. Find out more at

    More information Location: PS1
  • Centro de Reacondicionamiento de vehículos: Autoglym

    Autoglym, perteneciente al grupo Autobrillante SL, es un concepto innovador basado en los productos y procesos de nuestra marca Autoglym, con más de 52 años de experiencia  aportando...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Click & Car:

    Make your order for food, cleaning and beauty care products on our website and collect them in comfort from a reserved area in our store car park. You can choose the day and time that is most convenient...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Click & Collect:

    Using the Click & Collect Service you can make a purchase over the internet and collect it at the store of your choice. If the products are all from the same department you can collect them in the...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Clothing alterations: Arr&Co: L´Atelier de Costura

    Arreglos y transformaciones, S.L. is the rapid and efficient answer to the growing need that people have when searching for someone to carry out small or extensive alterations to their clothing. Repairs...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Coffee shop: Starbucks

    Since its foundation in 1971, the Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working ethically with its raw material supply and producing the best Arabica coffee in the world. Thanks to its commitment...

    More information Location: PB
  • Cortilandia: TCIDE

    A chain of amusement parks for children and the whole family, installed at El Corte Inglés stores throughout Spain.

    More information Location: P3
  • Cosmetic medicine: Hedonai

    Hedonai is a chain of Cosmetic Medical Centres with a presence in all major Spanish cities, as well as in Lisbon, Portugal. Over 20 years’ experience places Hedonai at the forefront in laser hair...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Custom-made dress shirt making by appointment:

    Get that personal touch in your dress shirts made by master tailors, true specialists in creating and designing to adapt to what you need. Always with the highest quality of fabrics and an exceptional...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P2
  • Customer Service:

    Customer Service is available for you at all our stores where we can find solutions for any problem and listen to any suggestions you have.

    More information Location: P6
  • Decor Studio:

    Our job is to turn your ideas into reality. From the decoration of a small corner of the house to a large interior design project that can include building work and renovations. All according to your tastes,...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P6
  • Dental clinic: Sanitas

    Dental clinics where you can find a team of dentists with recognised experience and equipment with the most advanced technology. All dental services and diagnostic tests are available in the same clinic....

    More information Location: PB
  • Dry cleaners: Pressto

    Dry cleaners, Pressto, is a leading company in the dry cleaning sector, and offers you a comprehensive service for your clothes: dry cleaning or washing, specific stain removal, ironing services, storage...

    More information Location: PS1
  • El Corte Inglés Furniture Design:

    We help you in the process of purchasing your new bookstore and youth bedroom. From the beginning, design and selection to assembly and financing.

    More information Cita Previa Location: P6
  • Feeding room:

    At El Corte Inglés we have created these rooms so that you can attend to the feeding and hygiene needs of your baby in a comfortable área.

    More information Location: PS1, P4, P1
  • Financial: El Corte Inglés

    So that you can buy whatever you want and whenever it suits you best, without having to carry cash, El Corte Inglés, through Financiera El Corte Inglés E.F.C., S.A., offers you the possibility...

    More information Location: P6
  • First Communion:

    Personalised service of first visit, advice, fitting and alterations of communion dresses and suits.

    More information Cita Previa Location: P4
  • Floristería: Merú

    Para los amantes de las flores y las plantas.

    More information Location: PB
  • Foreign currency exchange:

    You can change your currency of origin into euros at that day's exchange rate at Customer Services, located in many of our centres. Ask our staff about availability.

    More information Location: P6
  • Fotografía y reprografía digital: Riechmann Krog

    Estudio fotográfico (Foto carnet, retrato) Laboratorio fotográfico (Impresiones, revelados, álbumes y personalizados) Reprografía (fotocopias,encuadernación y envío...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Fotomatón: Tecnotrón

    Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes múltiples posibilidades relacionadas con la fotografía instantánea, estamos desarrollando nuevas cabinas especialmente indicadas para eventos de todo...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Free parking without purchase:

    To make it easier for you to get to our centre by car, our centre has a car park completely free of charge, with no minimum purchase necessary.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Gourmet Club: El Corte Inglés:

    At the Gourmet Club we present you with an area dedicated to those who know how to take fine dining to the next level, using a selection of the most delicious products from the domestic or international...

    More information Location: PB
  • Haberdashery: Su Misura

    The new Su Misura service from El Corte Inglés offers a wide range of possibilities for the customer to have their suit personalized according to their preferences and measurements, determining...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P2
  • Hair care: Kérastase

    Because each hair and scalp is unique and has different needs, Kérastase offers tailor-made hair care for each hair type in a personalised way.

    More information Location: PB
  • IT and telephony solutions and services:

    El Corte Inglés has a team of expert professionals you can trust, from the initial installation and configuration of your device, data transfer and backup copies, to repairs.  Thanks to...

    More information Location: PB
  • Insurance:

    The best policies and advice for our clients comes from our experience. At El Corte Inglés insurance our advice will help you resolve all your questions about policies, contracts, covers, premiums...

    More information Location: PB, P5
  • Item Finder:

    Through our Item Finder, the sellers of our stores will be able to locate products that you do not see in the department you are in. For example, a brand, a size, a color, a model... or anything else you...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Kitchen Design by appointment:

    We help you in the purchasing process of your new kitchen. From the beginning of the project, which includes the design of the space and the choice of furniture and finishes, to assembly and financing....

    More information Cita Previa Location: P5
  • Little Details:

    Tienda experiencial de regalos con personalización en el momento. Es un nuevo concepto de tienda que combina joyería, el pequeño regalo, moda y accesorios en un entorno singular,...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Lotteries and bets: SELAE

    Lottery sale office.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Men's ceremony suit:

    Service of men's ceremony and formal suits.

    More information Cita Previa Location: P2
  • Movistar: Movistar

    Our mission is to bring the best of technology to our customers. To achieve this we offer products and services that are increasingly simple, and that include all the options customers require: landlines,...

    More information Location: PB
  • Nespresso caps:

    The Gourmet Club offers Nespresso capsules so that you can prepare the finest coffees in your own home.

    More information Location: PB
  • ONCE:

    Office for the sale of the National Organisation for the Blind lottery tickets.

    More information Location: PB, PS1
  • Opticians: Óptica 2000

    A company in the El Corte Inglés Group where our team of professionals will offer you a personal service to take care of your sight and hearing requirements. Óptica 2000 offers all the leading...

    More information Location: PB
  • Peluquería: Hair&More Premium Salon By Pablo Pérez

    Hair&More Premium Salon, es un nuevo concepto de peluquería. Dos ambientes muy acogedores pero muy bien diferenciados donde encontrarás los mejores servicios y los mejores profesionales...

    More information Location: P6
  • Personal Shopper:

    Our Personal Shopper* team will help you analyze your image and preferences to find the best selection of personalized fashion and accessories. All this with an individually adapted colorimetry and morphology...

    More information Location: P1
  • Podología: Santello


    More information Location: PS1
  • Postal Department: Correos

    The Post Office provides face-to-face and electronic communication and parcel services within the Spanish market. Its goal is to provide a universal postal Service, with efficiency, and quality.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Purchase card: El Corte Inglés

    Buy without loading yourself up with packages. With the El Corte Inglés purchase card you can collect and pay for all your purchases made in different departments and on different floors at just...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Raquet stringing shop:

    At our shop we offer a service for stringing tennis, squash and badminton rackets so that you can have everything ready to play.

    More information Location: P3
  • Recharging electric vehicles:

    Make your purchases in our shop while you recharge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle at the recharging points available. We have slow (Schuko) and semi-fast (type 2 - Mennekes) charging points, as...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Reparación de telefonía: Phone Service Center

    REPARAMOS TU MÓVIL O TABLET ¿Quieres reparar tu Smartphone o Tablet con la garantía de servicio de El Corte Inglés? Ponemos a tu disposición a nuestros técnicos...

    More information Location: PB
  • Reparación de teléfonos:

    Servicio de reparación de teléfonos móviles y de accesorios de telefonía.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Restauración: La Taberna

    En "La Taberna", desde el momento en que cruzas nuestra puerta, te embarcarás en un viaje que te llevará por las cantinas de Lisboa. Cada rincón está diseñado...

    More information Location: PB
  • Restaurant: El Corte Inglés

    At El Corte Inglés Restaurant you will find excellent service, the best customer service and a quality alternative to other restaurants. The Restaurant is the perfect complement to the El Corte...

    More information Location: P6
  • Shoe repairs and keys: Mister Minit

    At MISTER MINIT we offer repairs of all types of footwear, the copying of all types of keys, remote controls, registrations while you wait, rubber stamps and many other services.  

    More information Location: PS1
  • Ski and snow workshop:

    El Corte Inglés offers you the chance to wax and tune your skis and snowboards, so that they are in perfect condition when the time comes to enjoy the snow.

    More information Location: P3
  • Taller de motos: Box Xpress

    Nuestro taller es la herramienta perfecta para el buen funcionamiento de tu moto. Compra, montaje de recambios y accesorios de manera sencilla y económica.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Taller de relojería: Rubio Relojeros

    Reparación y restauración de relojes de todo tipo y marcas.

    More information Location: PB
  • Ticket sales:

    Venta de Entradas El Corte Inglés is the leading distributor of tickets for all kinds of shows. Buy your tickets here, advised by the best experts, or pick up the tickets you have previously...

    More information Location: P6
  • Travel agency: Viajes El Corte Inglés

    Everything you need for your trips and holidays is available at the El Corte Inglés Travel Agency. Tickets for planes, trains, or boats, hotel reservations, car hire, language courses abroad, "bonoplus"...

    More information Location: P6
  • Weding Service "BodaMás":

    BodaMás is the El Corte Inglés wedding service that has everything you need to organise your wedding and much more. Also, by opening your wedding list now you can enjoy several advantages:...

    More information Location: P6
  • automobile workshop: Motortown

    Motortown workshops are synonymous with trust, and they also allow us to make that wait, while we are inspecting the car, a little more enjoyable. For example, we can make an appointment at any of the...

    More information Location: PS1