Services of Services in El Corte Inglés Paseo de Morella

  • Buscador de Artículos:

    A través de nuestro Buscador de Artículos los vendedores de nuestras tiendas podrán localizarte productos que no veas en el departamento en el que te encuentres. Como por...

    More information Location: PS2
  • Click & Car:

    Make your order for food, cleaning and beauty care products on our website and collect them in comfort from a reserved area in our store car park. You can choose the day and time that is most convenient...

    More information Location: PS2
  • Click & Collect:

    Using the Click & Collect Service you can make a purchase over the internet and collect it at the store of your choice. If the products are all from the same department you can collect them in the...

    More information Location: PS2
  • Clock and watch repair: Operador local

    Repair and restoration of all types and makes of clocks and watches.

    More information Location: PB
  • Customer Service:

    Customer Service is available for you at all our stores where we can find solutions for any problem and listen to any suggestions you have.

    More information Location: PS4
  • Feeding room:

    At El Corte Inglés we have created these rooms so that you can attend to the feeding and hygiene needs of your baby in a comfortable área.

    More information Location: P3
  • Foreign currency exchange:

    You can change your currency of origin into euros at that day's exchange rate at Customer Services, located in many of our centres. Ask our staff about availability.

    More information Location: PS4
  • Lotteries and bets: SELAE

    Lottery sale office.

    More information Location: PS2
  • Purchase card: El Corte Inglés

    Buy without loading yourself up with packages. With the El Corte Inglés purchase card you can collect and pay for all your purchases made in different departments and on different floors at just...

    More information Location: PS4
  • Segunda vida a tus prendas: CARITAS

    Únete a nuestro proyecto de economía circular textil Moda RE, en colaboración con Cáritas.  Deposita la ropa que ya no utilizas en nuestros contenedores. De esta manera,...

    More information Location: PS2
  • Servicios financieros: El Corte Inglés

    Para que puedas comprar cuanto desees y en el momento que más te convenga, sin necesidad de llevar dinero encima El Corte Inglés por medio de Financiera El Corte Inglés E.F.C., S.A....

    More information Location: PS4
  • Shoe repairs and keys: Mister Minit

    At MISTER MINIT we offer repairs of all types of footwear, the copying of all types of keys, remote controls, registrations while you wait, rubber stamps and many other services.  

    More information Location: PS2
  • Tax free:

    International clients from outside the European Union enjoy The Tax Refund of up to 15.7% of their purchases, one of the highest globally. Once you have purchased goods, present your receipts at the International...

    More information Location: PS4