Services of Restaurants in El Corte Inglés Bahía de Cádiz

  • Burguer King: Burger King

    BURGER KING® is the second largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. We have a wealth of experience in preparing hamburgers.

    More information Location: P2
  • Cafe: Capuccino&Company

    This cafe is dedicated to traditional flavours. It is the perfect place to enjoy Spanish cuisine, thanks to its great service and the fine quality of the ingredients it uses.

    More information Location: PB
  • Cafeteria:

    What better place than our cafeteria to make a stop during your shopping and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon tea. Its famous pancakes or new hamburgers… in the El Corte Inglés...

    More information Location: P2
  • Cafetería: Loops & Coffee

    Loops (rosquillas americanas) preparados cada mañana para que estén siempre frescos y decorados de las forma alegre y desenfadada. Una amplia gama de cafés con un grano seleccionado...

    More information Location: P2
  • Food Court: Lizarrán

    The pincho (meat skewer), apart from being a product, represents an entire culture where the eating experience becomes an occasion for friends, family, and social relationships. That is why every detail...

    More information Location: P2
  • Food court: 100 montaditos

    Enjoy the most delicious montaditos (open sandwiches) prepared using the finest ingredients. All completed by fast service and a friendly atmosphere.

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  • Romerijo: Restaurante Romerijo

    Romerijo es una empresa familiar, especialista en mariscos, dedicada desde 1952 a la compra, manipulación, elaboración y venta de mariscos y pescados, así como a la hostelería...

    More information Location: P2