Catálogo de servicios de Restaurants de El Corte Inglés en Cantabria


  • Burguer King: Burger King

    BURGER KING® is the second largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. We have a wealth of experience in preparing hamburgers.

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  • Cafeteria: Rodilla: Rodilla

    After over seventy years, the genuine quality of its sandwiches and its varied range of products (salads, coffees, pastries, etc.), has raised Rodilla to its position as leader.

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  • Coffee shop: Starbucks

    Since its foundation in 1971, the Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working ethically with its raw material supply and producing the best Arabica coffee in the world. Thanks to its commitment...

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  • Cafeteria: El Corte Inglés

    What better place than our cafeteria to make a stop during your shopping and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon tea. Its famous pancakes or new hamburgers… in the El Corte Inglés...

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  • Heladería: Regma

    Disfruta en nuestros establecimientos de los cremosos y deliciosos helados que te ofrecemos.

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  • Restaurante: El Corte Inglés

    At the El Corte Inglés restaurant you will find excellent service, the best customer care and a high-quality alternative to other bar and restaurant spaces. The restaurant is the perfect complement...

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